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Hi everyone! 
My name is Dario, I’m an authorized tourist guide of Rome and surroundings, and I’m a tour leader aswell.
I studied foreign languages and literatures, and right after my degree, I started to work in the tourism business, being a guide abroad (in Norway and Spain), a flight attendant (all over the world !), a hotel receptionist (in Rome) and a tour leader, until when I became an authorized tourist guide here in Rome. I love contact with tourists from all over the world, and I love to lead them through the streets and monuments of Rome. 
I’m very fond of my city, and I love its history, monuments, archeological sites, traditions and beauties. Rome differs from any other great city or civilization of the past, because kept its splendour from the foundation until today though having to face sieges, sacks, plagues, pestilence, earthquakes and destruction. This is the main reason why Rome is the Eternal City, because its charm is almost three thousand years old !!
To understand this point in a better way, it’s really worth booking a guided tour, and for the best experience ever, you need a true Roman like me !!
If you wish to have a quotation for a guided tour with me, please write to me at dariobartoli@libero.it.
I’d like to underline that taking a guided tour with an authorized guide is less expensive than you might think. A private guided tour for three people, for example, costs surely less than booking a guided tour in a group with any travel agency you can find on any online portal.
I wait for you: I will be more than honoured to show you my city and its beauties !!
Infos about tours with Dario
Every single visit has to be intended as strictly private, so organized exclusively for you: you will never be asked to join other groups if not after a specified request. It is very much recommended to contact me in advance, in particular during summer, when I hardly find time for last minute tours. 
In order to avoid losing precious time standing in line, especially in high season, I strongly suggest to book in advance your entrance tickets for the Colosseum, Villa Borghese or the Vatican Museum (remember also that access to the Vatican is regulated by a strict dress code).
Your entrance tickets to any museum or archeological site, just like the renting of headsets (mandatory for groups), is not included in the price of the visit with me.
                                            Dario Bartoli
Dario Bartoli
Tourist guide of Rome and surroundings
Authorization number 6402
Issued by the Municipality of Rome on 23/07/2013


Dario Bartoli

Rome, Italy


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