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(Remember: every first Sunday of each month!)
The page is all in Italian, but the list is easy to find: scroll down, soon after the videos, and from "Elenco Luoghi" select "Lazio".
First of all, please remember that entrance to the Vatican Museums is free every last Sunday of each month!
In order to visit the Vatican Museums with me, it's always better to book in advance the tickets, fixing a specific date and entrance time. In this case it's possible to skip any kind of line.
Here's the link to book your tickets:
Follow the instructions:
-    click on "Enter"
-    click on "Admission tickets"
-    click on "Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel"
-    choose month and number of participants (DON'T count me in!), and click on "next"
-    choose the date, the timing, the number of full price and reduced price tickets and proceed with payment
-    on the day of the tour, remember the dress code for Sistine Chapel and St.Peter's Basilica (legs and shoulders          covered), and that owners of reduced tickets need to have IDs on them!
Entrance to St.Peter's Basilica on a guided tour with me is free up to six people, but one has to go through the security check. Coming from the Museums access is quicker, because the security check is done by the Museums entrance, but starting from the Basilica, there's often a long line. Groups from 6 people up on a guided tour with me have to pay €1,50 per person, and the use of headsets is mandatory. Payment can be done on the spot, simply before entering.
First of all, please remember that entrance to the Colosseum, Forum Romanum and Palatine Hill is free every first Sunday of each month!!!
In order to visit Colosseum, the archeological area of the Forum Romanum or Palatine Hill with me, it is always better to buy the tickets ahead online through the official website:
Follow the instructions:
-    first of all, read carefully all the infos about reduced tickets - someone from your group might be free                  entrance!
-    click on "buy now" under the column "ticket on-line"
-    read carefully all the infos and proceed with payment, taking into consideration that also who has the right of        free entrance needs to pay the €2,00 reservation fee.
I kindly remind you that these tickets allow us to skip only the line inside the Colosseum, the one for the cashier, and not the one for the security check that, according to the season period, could be shorter or longer. I'll take care in organizing our visit in the best way, in order to spend less time possible waiting in line.
Tickets for Borghese Gallery have to be purchased online and in advance, as it is not possible to buy them directly on the spot.
Here's the English link to book your tickets:
Click on "Reservations Galleria Borghese", and a calendar with the available dates will open up.
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