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The best preserved of the ancient Roman roads was inaugurated by Appio Claudio in 312 b.C. . It initially led from Rome to Capua (km.190), then it was extended down to Brindisi, the bottom of the Italian boot. Since the beginning rich families decided to have their monumental tombs placed here, so today Via Appia Antica is a mixture of monumental tombs, sarcophagi, family vaults and ruins of rich Romans houses as well as emperor's circuses and palaces. We'll be surrounded by green fields, Mediterranean pine trees (great for shade !!) and natural reserves, all part of the National Ancient Appian Way Park, a huge protected area of 3400 hectares. Along our walk we’ll pass the ruins of the Circus of Maxentius, the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, and the Quintilii Villa.


This tour is usually shorter than an average 3 hours tour, but it could be combined, for example, with a tour to the catacombs (Saint Sebastian or Saint Domitilla).

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