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Vatican City, being the world's smallest independent country, consists of around 100 acres of land (44 hectares). But the Vatican owns more than that, in Rome and outside of Rome.


In Castel Gandolfo, a lovely town km.20 away from Rome, lies the Papal Palace, used since the 17th century as the summer residence of the Pope. It is located in an area known as the “Castles” area, surrounded by hills and lakes of volcanic origins, where production of wine is very popular.


With a half day tour from Rome, we could drive through the Castles area, reach Castel Gandolfo, visit the town and see the Papal Palace. Since this area is famous for the production of wine (Frascati white wine is a D.O.C. wine), we could also visit a vineyard where locals produce wine and olive oil, learn about the production and taste some genuine and typical products (cheese, vinegar, vegetables, wine, olive oil) of this area.


This tour needs transportation (private driver or private bus), and lunch/dinner can be easily included in the tour.

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