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A very interesting structure, originally built as the funeral monument (mausoleum) of emperor Hadrian, Castel S.Angelo changed function many times during its history, becomig a fortress, a warehouse for wheat and oil, a castle, the prison of the Vatican, an execution place and finally, today, one of the most interesting monuments of Rome.


Its construction began in 125 A.D. under emperor Hadrian, but in the middle ages it became a fortress to defend the city of Rome, as it is located by river Tiber. In the 14th century, Pope Nicholas III decided to convert Castel S.Angelo into a castle, and it was connected to the papal apartments by a long and narrow fortified corridor (“Passetto di Borgo”, as seen in the movie “Angels & Demons”), used by popes in times of danger to reach the Castle for shelter.


With our visit we'll access the monument through the remains of the mausoleum of Hadrian, then we'll reach the castle through some helical stairs, we'll pass the prisons and we'll reach the Renaissance apartments of Paul III (1534-1549). At the top of the Castle, passing the library, we'll finally reach the Terrace of the Angel, with an outstanding view over the city of Rome.

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