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It is definitely the most famous Roman site, symbol of eternity and majesty: the Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum. You can not and you really don´t want to miss this astounding monument. So why not booking a tour with me? 
I will take you back to the ancient Roman times, when gladiators fought in the arena and everyone in Rome wanted to enter to see how a real elephant or a panther looked like. 
Since the entrance ticket (€ 12, €14 with skip the line service) is valid also for the Forum Romanum (the social, economical , religious and political city centre of the Roman empire) and the Palatine Hill (where Rome was founded around the 7th century B.C.), all close to each other, you can choose to visit these sites the way you prefer:
  • Colosseum, Forum Romanum, Palatine Hill - 3 hours
  • only Colosseum - 2,5/3 hours 
  • only Forum Romanum and Palatine Hill - 3 hours
  • If you don´t want to enter the historical sites, it is also possible to take the tour this way: Colosseum, Forum Romanum and Capitoline Hill from outside + the area around (Circus Maximus, Aventine Hill, Bocca della Verità, Piazza Venezia, Trajan’s Column…), still in 3 hours.
Remember that entrance tickets are NOT included. I can help you buying it, but you will have to book and pay it yourself. I don’t need any ticket, as guides enter for free!
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