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This tour starts by an ancient theatre, built under Julius Caesar, inaugurated under Augustus in 14 b.C. and named after his nephew Marcellus. We'll pass by the Theatre and the ruins of the temple of Apollo Sosianus, on our way to the Jewish district. Passing the structure Portico d'Ottavia, an archway portico built by Augustus in honour to her sister Octavia, we'll enter the Jewish district, where the Roman Jewish community (one of the most ancient in Europe) was forced to live from 1555 until 1861, the unification of Italy.


This picturesque area still carries Jewish traditions and it's famous for its good restaurants and decorative fountains. Then we'll come to Largo Argentina, where we'll find an archeological area with ruins of four temples from the Republican Age, and of Pompey's Theatre. As we know from the sources, it's here the exact spot where Julius Caesar was killed!


Our walk will end by Campo de' Fiori, a lively market square (everyday until early afternoon) and Rome's most popular drinking area in the evening for both Romans and foreigners. But we'll find out that during the inquisition this was a quite dark and scary place...

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