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The first museum ever opened in the Western world, the “Capitoline Museum”, lies on the Capitoline Hill. The museum was inaugurated in the year 1471, when pope Sixtus IV donated to the city some pieces of art, locating them on the Capitoline Hill. Then the collection became bigger and bigger after more donations from other popes, with the construction of new buildings (Palazzo Nuovo, 17th century), and the official opening to the public in 1734.


We'll start our tour in the magnificent Piazza del Campidoglio, decorated with a beautiful drawing taken from some sketches done by Michelangelo, who also modified and redesigned Palazzo Senatorio (today Rome's city hall) and Palazzo dei Conservatori, where part of the collection is held. We'll behold a large number of ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian statues, inscriptions, medieval and Renaissance art collections, jewels and coins, elegant rooms decorated with tapestries, frescoes and stuccos, including the foundations of the almighty temple of Jupiter Capitolinus.


The tour features amazing views of the Forum Romanum area, and can include a visit to the Ara Coeli church (13th century) or to the church of S.Maria in Cosmedin (8th century), where the famous Mouth of Truth is.

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