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Just a 30 minutes ride away from Rome’s city center, not so far from the seaside and easily reachable by subway, lies the hidden archeological gem of Ostia Antica, Rome’s little

Pompei! A vast archeological area with well preserved ruins of an ancient Roman city (Ostia), which originally worked as military control area for all of the costal activities, and then, during republican age, turned to be a proper city with defensive wall system, bars, shops, houses and theatres.


The tour shows you how daily life was in an ancient Roman city, and just like in Pompei we can see beautiful ancient frescos, and visit the forum (main square), the thermopolium (bar), the theater and thermal bath areas. This visit is surely another way of discovering the ancient Roman world far away from the crowds of the well known Colosseum/Forum Romanum experience. Since the area is vast, the tour takes you along the most important sites.

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