(St.John in Lateran, St.Peter, St.Paul Outside The Walls and St.Mary Major)


With this tour we can follow the Jubilee tradition and visit the four Patriarchal Basilicas of Rome: St.John in Lateran, St.Peter's, St.Paul Outside the Walls and St.Mary Major, some of the first christian churches ever built in Rome.

St.John in Lateran is actually the cathedral of Rome, and the oldest of the four: its facade was renovated in 1735, and inside we can find a 13th century cloister; next to the church lie its baptistery and the Holy Stairs.


St.Peter is the only one that is located inside Vatican city: it's built upon the tomb of Saint Peter, and features Michelangelo's “La Pietà”, Bernini's bronze baldachin and the tombs of several blessed and saint Popes.


St.Paul Outside The Walls is famous for the icons of the 266 popes of the history of the church visible inside, and is built upon the tomb of St.Paul, not so far from where christian tradition says he was murdered. St.Mary Major has a wonderful cosmatesque style floor from the 12th century, and astounding mosaics along the central nave, showing episodes from the Old Testament.


The four basilicas are located in different areas in Rome, so in order to visit the four of them, we'd need transportation (private driver, taxi, metro or bus). Entrance is free of charge, but we could find cues, especially at St.Peter. For this reason, the length of this tour could vary.


Dario Bartoli

Rome, Italy

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