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The most famous suburban imperial villa, thanks to its vastity, the preservation of the buildings, and for the suggestion of the location: a beautiful green valley in Tivoli, around km.20 away from Rome. Emperor Hadrian enlarged a pre-existing villa from the late-republican period dating 126 b.C. , with the intent of keeping memory of the places that impressed him the most during his many journeys around the Roman empire: a complex of gardens, libraries, theatres, thermal baths, temples, mainly inspired by Greek and Egyptian architecture. 


We could take a 3 hours tour only of Villa Adriana, or combine (1,5 hours circa in each place) with Villa d’Este, another UNESCO World Heritage Site! Villa d’Este is the perfect combination of architecture and nature: an elegant Renaissance palace built in 1550, with colourful frescos inspired by Greek-Roman mythology, with a delightful garden with more than 50 fountains, 60 small waterfalls and many water games (like “The Organ Fountain”, for example), and with a water flow of around 300 litres each second!!

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